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Why the electric car fails and failed. 1916:

Written in 1916:

The fundamental reasons why the electric car has not attained the popularity it deserves are (1) The failure of the manufacturers to properly educate the general public regarding the wonderful utility of the electric; (2) The failure of [power companies] to make it easy to own and operate the electric by an adequate distribution of charging and boosting stations. The early electrics of limited speed, range and utility produced popular impressions which still exist.

-Electrical World Journal (Anno: 1916)

Found in Google books.

Editing on-the-go

What do you do when everyone is on vacation without laptops and your website needs an Update?
Today I found the answer: Ftp on-The-go for iPhone, this little gem og a program lets you connect via FTP to the site and edit the files remotely.

This post was written from an iPhone somwhere in Vienna.

All our bags are packed and ready to go

Today we got the word, things are packed and ready to go.


Sunblock is in Itunes Store

We are very happy to say that we have just finished our first native Iphone Application “Sunblock”.

I hope that you will find it of use in the coming months of summer, It’s been an interesting experience designing and programming for this neat little computer and we are now ready to help others target this amazing little platform.

About sunblock:
Read more about Sunblock
or view it in the Itunes Store

Sunblock, is a UV-index for your Iphone that will help you take care of your skin and protect it from the sun.

Sunblock helps you take the guesswork out of protection yourself and your children from the dangerous UV radiation that grows every year.

No longer do you need to guess if you have the right amount of SPF in your sunlotion for the activities your are planning. Simply open Sunblock, read the current UV-index – adjusted for your environment – and you will immediately see if your chosen SPF is enough for the day.

Sunblock automatically determines your position and altitude via the Global Positioning System, it then downloads satellite data for your specific location and tells you what the current UV index is.

- Calculates your needed Sunblock SPF
- Location aware GPS positioning
- Constantly updated Satellite Data
- ClearSky UV-Index
- Skintype identification
- Adjusted UV-Index indicator
- Environment modifiers
- World satellite UV-map
- Zoomed in European UV-map
- Weekly overview
- Weekly details
- Sun Protection Factor selector

Offical deliverer of Space Solutions for the European Space Agency (ESA)

threads is now an official deliverer of space solutions

ESA has accepted our registration as SME.
Threads is now officially a deliverer of Space Solutions.

We are exited to begin exploring this new area of design


Art review
New logo for Artreview.
hope you like it

Our Iphone program is done

Finally we’ve put the last few pieces together to finalize our first iphone application.
It’s been an interesting journey to create something for a computer that small.

We will let you know when the program appears in the itunes store for sale.
In the meantime here’s an image of the final icon.

Application icon for our iphone app


We want to inform about a side project we are involved in: mainly by Søren L. Hougesen and Thomas Øjerson.
The idea behind the project is to put more focus on recycling and try to change the way people look at trash.

What we do is that we find trash of all kinds and bring it home. It could be an old lamp or a toilet seat, anything goes. After we have cleaned the object and painted it, we put it back in the street as an art piece.

What happens with the object from here, we will let you decide. Should it have a place in your home or should it just go back to the garbage can where it came from? Its up to you to decide.

Gadegalleriet works after the simple slogan of “Abandoned, evicted and searching for a new home”
Watch the Gadegalleriet movie from Bergen, Official flickr and Website.

the_dudekidhellfire1BAbies made from airducts

Teaching students to work with art in Germany

We have recently returned from a week in Flensburg, Germany where we and a group of student explored the possibilities of digital art.
The students at the school had a theme centered around the 7 deadly sins , they divided in groups and each group chose a deadly sin to express in art. Some classes worked exclusively with digital art, some with drama others with sculptural art & cinematography.

We’ll post this project to our website in full when everything has been produced and printed on canvas.

But for now you can enjoy a few images of the lessons and the jaunt to the scrap yard.

Collecting scrap

Collecting scrap

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