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Monthly Archives: March 2009

1.234 workers for our identity

We have decided on a small experiment in honor of our first real website update in a long time.
We decided to hire 1.234 people through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service to help us create material for our companies identity.
Keep checking back here to see how the projects progresses.
UPDATE: We decided to go through www.HIT-builder.com since they [...]


Our new flickr account is up and running!  We have selected some of our favorite images from our various projects for you to go through. Feel free to add us, post comments,  and share some of your thoughts and ideas with us.

Hello world!

After a month off hard work we are finally ready to launch the Threads design site. For those visiting for the first time Threads is a multi-disciplinary strategic design agency.
We strive to create sustainable design through strategic approaches that help the client to correctly positioning themselves in a competitive market.
We have also launched the byThreads [...]