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Monthly Archives: May 2009


New logo for Artreview.
hope you like it

Our Iphone program is done

Finally we’ve put the last few pieces together to finalize our first iphone application.
It’s been an interesting journey to create something for a computer that small.
We will let you know when the program appears in the itunes store for sale.
In the meantime here’s an image of the final icon.


We want to inform about a side project we are involved in: gadegalleriet.dk mainly by Søren L. Hougesen and Thomas Øjerson.
The idea behind the project is to put more focus on recycling and try to change the way people look at trash.
What we do is that we find trash of all kinds and bring it [...]

Teaching students to work with art in Germany

We have recently returned from a week in Flensburg, Germany where we and a group of student explored the possibilities of digital art.