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Offical deliverer of Space Solutions for the European Space Agency (ESA)

Threads is now officially a space solutions provider


New logo for Artreview.
hope you like it


We want to inform about a side project we are involved in: gadegalleriet.dk mainly by Søren L. Hougesen and Thomas Øjerson.
The idea behind the project is to put more focus on recycling and try to change the way people look at trash.
What we do is that we find trash of all kinds and bring it [...]

Website update

We have just finished adding a dozen new projects to our website, check it out. We hope you like them.
If you haven’t seen it before the “View images only” feature is a great way of getting a quick overview of all our online projects, without all the project descriptions.

1.234 workers for our identity

We have decided on a small experiment in honor of our first real website update in a long time.
We decided to hire 1.234 people through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service to help us create material for our companies identity.
Keep checking back here to see how the projects progresses.
UPDATE: We decided to go through www.HIT-builder.com since they [...]

Hello world!

After a month off hard work we are finally ready to launch the Threads design site. For those visiting for the first time Threads is a multi-disciplinary strategic design agency.
We strive to create sustainable design through strategic approaches that help the client to correctly positioning themselves in a competitive market.
We have also launched the byThreads [...]